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Online hook ups are becoming more common and more innovative. It's modern day getting-to-know-you and I'm a fan.

This is what we must do if we are to win the relationship race. Humans have to swim out and keep on testing the relationship waters. After you've lost big, you're never going to win big again if you don’t put yourself out there.

Online dating takes on many forms these days thanks to ever evolving technology. And it seems me me, in its current form, online is for daters who are travelling at one of two speeds: either slowly but surely or full tilt. The former is the preferred pace for those who are taking their time, carefully weighing up matters of morals, wealth, religion and family in the endeavour in the hope of finding their next life partner. Then there is the quick scanner who is more concerned with sniffing out attractiveness, willingness and proximity in the hunt for the next great lay.

I'm thinking there might be a business opportunity for someone with the wherewithall to provide an online dating service for those whose priorities lie somewhere in the middle. Don't you think it's time we did something for those looking for long term commitment but haven't got the time to muck around? Picture a dating site for people who just want to cut to the chase; skip all the daunting coffees and arduous dinners and go straight to the marriage and merging of lives, straight to regular sex, an instant remedy for loneliness , the opportunity to have kids before it’s “too late” and to the automatic plus-one to take to weddings. An express order for lifetime companionship.

The site would be called Basically, spin the wheel and the first person’s profile to appear on your screen, you go home with. Obviously, mainly marketed to the over thirties because the younger crowd don’t need - they have night clubs instead, where, instead of registering and spinning the wheel, they drink copious amounts of alcohol and spin the bottle.
You’ll do :)

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