A vision for the future for Facebook's most popular brand

Throwing open the vault to Facebook's most popular brand

This week it was announced that Coca Cola is the number one brand on Facebook. More than 1 million people are engaged on Coca-Cola's Facebook fan page, making it the most talked-about brand on the social network as of this week.

One of Coke’s latest posts is asking folks to vote for a world changing vision. From the time of posting, close to 10,300 people have voted. Click through to the website and these are your options for transforming the globe:
       Equality between men and women
·         Access to clean water and sanitation
·         Better job opportunities
·         Action taken on climate change
·         Political freedoms
·         Protecting forests, rivers and oceans
·         Freedom from discrimination and persecution
·         An honest and responsive government
·         Affordable and nutritious food
·         Support for people who can’t work
·         Better transport and roads
·         Better healthcare
·         Protection against crime and violence
·         Reliable energy at home
·         A good education
·         Phone and internet access

What are the most important issues for you and your family?

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