Are you using Twitter for your business?

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I got the following tweet back in June:

Five years! I’m not sure exactly when twitter first flew (gettit?) but I know when I first discovered it I was hooked. I tried to avoid posting lots of monotonous updates pertaining to popping the kettle on or cutting my children’s toenails. Instead, I regaled my followers  when I did something out of the ordinary, had something profound to say (according to moi) or had something fall on the floor hilarious to impart (aka I amused my own tiny mind).

Predominantly, I have used Twitter for personal splutterings but have, and do, on occasion tweet to promote my blog posts or my work.

There is a case to be made for using the Tweetosphere for business; like most other social media channels, Twitter:

  • Is there to be used by brands and businesses of all industries and sizes
  • Allows you to research, reach and engage with target audiences easily and affordably
  • Provides an opportunity for supporters and new adopters to have greater access to - and pass along recommendations for - your greatness
  • Is a cost effective means of communication
  • Empowers companies with something interesting/of value to say: great content attracts followers and friends

Here are but some of the ways you can use Twitter for your business:
  1. Tweet details of company events and photos
  2. Link to your blog
  3. Share links of success stories, customer successes
  4. Offer followers exclusive offers
  5. Engage with customers
  6. Tweet tips demonstrating your professional know-how (make them regular and use the same hashtag each time for follower reference)
  7. Share product information and images – as well as news of availability
  8. Share on Twitter bio any geographic limitations or time availabilities for customer support
  9. Monitor hot topics relevant to your business and competitors via hashtags
  10. Create a series of Tweets sharing insights from a white paper, including a URL to download the entire paper
  11. Organise virtual discussion groups with live questions, answers and advice – use a hashtag to help follows find the conversations

And something completely non-business related but funny as hell, go to HuffingtonPost’s weekly Best Parenting Tweets

You can follow my tweets www.twitter/nataliegreen

To find out about using Twitter’s big sister, Facebook for business, check this out. 

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