What I learned today: how to go viral

Whether I'm writing a white paper or researching a country performer I am about to interview, I regularly experience a Eureka! moment as I learn something new about this ol' world of ours. And because I am a generous soul and a sharer, please fall silent and lean in towards your screen in anticipation of .... what I learned today:

If you want to go viral and intently watched and gratuitously exposed to the world, simply twerk.

You can do it like Miley 

I'd rather an image of the Smith family's reaction to Miley's twerking than the actual act 
Or you can do it like the guy not likely to become the 28th Prime Minister of Australia

For all you start ups looking to get your name viral in a hurry, don't say I never give you anything. You're welcome.

Can I get a 'hell no!'?

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