Are you a bibliobibuli?

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I, for one am extremely nerdily guilty of epeolatary. (Which, for those playing at home, is the worship of words).

I've also been accused of showing qualities of an ultracrepidarian - or "someone who gives an opinion on things s/he knows nothing about". This is especially true on nights that have involved extended journeys into the realm of Copious Wineum

Oliver Tearle, author; and Lecturer in English at Loughborough University has kindly catalogued these, and a few other equally confronting conditions known to humans in this article, 10 Words Every Book Lover Should Know.
Another word for this sort of person, whom you may overhear mouthing off about books, films, politics, or, indeed, anything at the next table in the pub or the coffee house, is MOROSOPH. A 'morosoph' is a would-be philosopher -- a fool who thinks he's clever than he is. 
If you are still puzzling over your propensity for displaying bibliobibuli-like behaviour, please consider whether or not you read too much. Before the book lovers amongst us put forward their argument that there is no such thing as someone who reads too much, take pause to consider what it is like travelling in a car on a long road trip with a tiny human who has just learned to read and fails to tire of hour after hour, kilometre after kilometre reciting to you the words on every street sign, billboard or branded vehicle.

You can read Oliver's full list of favourite words here.

And if that only serves to whet your appetite, wrap your laughing gear around these gems.

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