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When comedian Louis C. K. appeared on Conan last year and explained why he wasn't going to buy his kids a phone, I sensed nervousness in the talk-show audience's laughter.                                                           ''These things are toxic,'' he said. ''You need to build an ability to just be yourself and not be doing something.''
He went on to explain how listening to Springsteen in his car had brought forth a well of existential sadness. His immediate instinct was to message 50 people to get a little cyber-salve, when, instead, he thought: ''You know what? Don't. Just be sad. Stand in the way of it and let it hit you like a truck.''
Andrew Denton, Sydney Morning Herald, 17/05/14, Why Andrew Denton takes pleasure in missing out

Looking back at sunsets on the East side                     We lost track of the time 
Dreams aren't what they used to be 
Some things slide by so carelessly 

Smile like you mean it 

Smile like you mean it 
- The Killers 

- Do be so kind as to hit the weekend like a boss.

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