Give it up for NT News

One of my biggest professional bugbears is companies that insist wording their marketing materials like they think they should word them. They use generic, middle of the road, non-confusing jargon words that don't stand out. BORING!

 I don't understand that.

 Isn't the point of marketing communication to jar with people? Make them look twice?

Same goes for newspapers. Most of the time, if a headline stands out it is because they are making outrageous claims or (allegedly) reporting on outrageous events. Provocative but not really that original.

Then there is the NT News. Seriously worth bookmarking to check in on NT New's daily headline. NT News often leads with a fairly ho hum stories in the grand scheme of things but their turn of phrase makes it entertaining all the same (without turning the story into something more far fetched than it actually is).

Check it.

They even sell merch to celebrate NT News headers ..

As I always say, there's nothing like brave words and brutal honesty to turn heads.

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