Words of the Week

Regarding the Australian Federal Budget 2014
Although Hockey has laboured hard to ensure few sections of the community escape unscathed, the truth is most of us have been let off lightly. Only those people right at the bottom of the ladder have been hit hard – unemployed young people, the sick poor and, eventually, aged and disabled pensioners – but who cares about them? We've been trained to worry only about ourselves, and to shout and scream over the slightest scratch.”
economics editor of the SMH,Ross Gittens’ sarcastic comment regarding a budget he believes is OK but feels the harsh, more permanent disadvantages dished out to society's most disadvantaged are unnecessary.

Socceroos World Cup team bus slogan has been unveiled and fans aren't happy and soccer fans certainly don't pull any punches do they?

And my favourite ...

For many years I have wondered who the fools are watching Australia's Funniest Home Videos and keeping that lame ass show on TV all these years. Now, I've discovered Mr T's Craziest Fools and I too am a funny video loving fool thanks to the man also known as BA Baracus and his fierce commentary. Also, it's my dream to one day reach the age when you can freely call a spade a fool ...

Tools down, rollerskates on. Weekend's here.

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