Business blog advice

A number of my industrious b2b clients have blogs. I would argue blogs are much easier for b2c companies because they can be more fun and whimsical. There's an element of Serious about b2b blogs.

Some of my clients have engaged with me to help out with their blogs. It's my job to steer the ship on course and keep the scenery interesting - every now and then I'll yell out my opinion on the waters they should chart next.

If I could offer advice times thrice on business blogging it would be:

  1. Loosen up - don't be too formal in your language and expression
  2. Mix up the style and formats of your posts (e.g opinion pieces; references to external papers, programs, news stories; images; quotes; short; long; bullet points; link love)
  3. Don't promote your own products too much (or even a lot) ... unless it's super subtle

That's just for starters. But its a good start.

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