Dating advice for daughters

Buzzfeed employees have shared dating advice they would give their daughters

There's something quietly satisfying about spruiking advice to your children. It makes you feel more wise than you are and more together than you were. I often hear myself being all parenty and advisey and shit to my kids and while I do my utmost to pass on sensible, responsible direction, there's usually a little voice in there somewhere whispering to me "Who are you kidding, the only reason you know this stuff is because you screwed up so much." 

But hey, who am I to deny my offspring the wisdom that comes from being less than sophisticated and more times than not falling on my face in any number of life's little tests? I've tried in the past to pass on erudite girl guidance to my daughter on the myth of the princess and some lessons in love for my son and I think I'll stow some of these little pearls from the Buzzfeed crew away for future reference too. 

In particular:

Happy Friday shenanigans

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