Things I Love Today

On a self-indulgent day of silly cheer, positive thoughts and my favourite songs (not to mention jolly good, all round Fridayness), it's an appropriate junction as any to reflect on the items at the top of the Gratitude Agenda:

My People 

Great songs like this

My home
It's been a year today since I first saw it (in 39 degree heat) and fell in love. Living here has been an undulating and continuing journey and I'm grateful for that journey (and the peeps who shelter here with me).

This message from my tiny humans

Who knew I'd become a tree-loving anorak when I moved burbwood?

Pretty Dresses
Nothing can make a girl feel so happy, comforted, gorgeous, special and self-loved than swishing around in a summer dress. (Sookie: props).

Great love

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