Road Trip Musings #1

Blurry koala sign

Recently I embarked on a road trip that included stops in four major Australian cities with my husband and two young children. Over six days. Covering 1,991.5 kilometres.

When you are stuck in a confined space for approximately 25 hours with only your iPod Touch to cushion your plunge into unreserved insanity, it's probably not unusual to find yourself scratching the odd traveller's observation into a notebook . A collection of which some might label boring and pointless ... while others might find it insightful and life changing. Either way, it probably points to a limited access to Twitter that week.

New South Wales is Soft

As soon as we crossed the border into NSW from Victoria there were a lot of road signs warning us of "Soft Edges". Are we soft? And more to the point, are Victorians rough around the edges?

See? Deep.

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