Road Trip Musings #3 What's in a Name

Love this place long time

As the hours inched by at the pace of an amoeba crossing the Sahara, blurry place names caught my eye. They flashed at me from highway signs, buildings and upcoming McDonalds alert billboards.

Sometimes, the names seemed odd, other times they struck me as humourous and, when being trapped in a confined space for so long stopped feeling claustrophobic and entered a more maniacal dimension, some names took on a bit of a rude flavour.

Names like ..... Barnawartha. Faithful Falls. Tubby Hills. Ruffy. Dookie (not to be confused with Dookuna). Violet Town. Honeysuckle Creek. Boho. Glama Pak (ok, that wasn’t a place, it was labelled across a big dirty truck and that spoke to me). Mokoan. Beechworth Bright. Daddah Daddah Creek. Wenkers Road. Fell Timber Creek. Oddies Creek (is it just me or are creek-namers complete piss takers?). Ettamogah Pub. Illa Langi. Tumbarumba. Erremangra. Burringjuck Dam. Wee Jasper. Fairy Hore Creek (tee hee). Bango Creek. McClangs Creek. Black Bob Creek (there go those crazy creek funsters again). and last but not least, The Old Road (was it always? seems so ageist).

Also of note: Five Mile Creek; either there are about thirty-seven Five Mile Creeks scattered down the east of Australia or someone drastically miscalculated its length.

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