Road Trip Musings #4 Eye Cry

I know! Muuuuuuuuum, let’s play Eye Spy!

son: I spy with my little eye something beginning with .... A

me: Asha? aeroplane? antenna?

son: no. no. no

me: I give up.

son: Apple!

me: where's an apple?

son: .... in my tummy!

me. Rubbish! You're not playing properly. Let's stop I'm tired of this game.

son: One more time. I promise I'll play proper this time! Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with .... H!

me: Holden? hair? hills?

son: no. no. no.

me: ok, I give up.

son: Harry High Pants!

At the point you want to commit a violent act against a piece of fruit and a pair of pants, you know that a) you've been in the car too long and b) it's time to put fuckin' Eye Spy to bed.

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