You start school in a few short days and I can't sleep

You start school in a few short days and I can't sleep.

Will they know how precious you are and take care of you?

It seems like yesterday I would sit on the sofa, a pillow on my lap and there you would sleep. Your perfect little body easily fit entirely on it. I would ring your Nan and give her regular updates on your loveliness.

You sleep in your own big bed now and at night I still regularly watch you sleep and marvel at your beautiful nature and all that you have brought into my life.

Early this morning you scampered into our bed for the last couple of hours sleep and again, I watch you. I fight the urge to hold you and cry. I want to cry with pride and because I can never totally protect you from the world or your heart from the hurt. That's not my job.

What lies in front of us? Will it be OK?

I try not to think how much my heart will break to leave my big boy looking so little in his brand new school uniform at the big school gate.

"C'mon Mum, it'll be right," you'll say.

I unbuckle my seat-belt and prepare for take-off.

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